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Revolutionizing Automotive Markets with Digital Twin Technology


In the past few decades, mass production, lean adoption, and globalization were the key enablers for the automotive industry to drive growth and profitability. With data becoming the new commodity and Industry 4.0 taking hold, future growth of the industry is expected to be fueled by data-led manufacturing, management, and maintenance. Under this model, manufacturers will leverage data across the product life cycle to build higher quality vehicles and parts at lower costs and vehicle operators will extend the life of products with less risk.

From conceptual design to manufacturing — through use on the road and service and repairs — every vehicle produces a massive amount of data. The value in this data is giving rise to disruptive, technology-driven solutions in the automotive sector that will affect traditional vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, potential new players, regulators, consumers, markets, and the entire automotive value chain.

A key enabler of data-driven manufacturing and management is the concept of digital twin. It represents a pairing of virtual and physical worlds underpinned by emerging technologies such as IoT, 3D simulation tools, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. The result: enhanced ability to analyze data and monitor systems to solve the problems even before they occur.

In the automotive industry, the product life cycle of a vehicle involves various stages - conceptualize, design, procure, build, stock, sell, service, and recycle. At each stage, an enormous amount of data is generated as part of routine activities. Leveraging the available data to build faster, cost-effective, and high-quality products is the ultimate goal of all organizations. However, the fact is that automotive manufacturers are at different levels of maturity in terms of effective utilization of their data.

Enter CarTwin.

CarTwin is unlocking this value by creating an integrated data ecosystem to drive actionable insight and predictive analytics to address the industry’s most pressing challenges. Our digital twin technology enables a diverse set of automotive use cases that power new innovations by connecting physical and digital worlds providing real-time operational awareness of vehicle, component, and manufacturing performance. These solutions provide a holistic view to enable closed-loop engineering, drive new standards, and lower barriers to entry for companies to accelerate the commercial adoption of digital transformation.

What is an Automotive Digital Twin?

Our Automotive Digital Twin is a digital, cloud-based clone of a physical vehicle designed to detect, prevent, predict, and optimize through AI and real-time analytics. It allows our customers to run simulations without affecting the actual vehicles and apply machine learning and advanced analytics to real-time monitoring of vast quantities of data.

Each creates an accurate, virtual replica to boost productivity, streamline operations, and increase profits. And instead of looking at the vehicle from a high-level perspective, we also represent it as a combination of different components. New possibilities arise when each of these components have their own capabilities and data output defined using a digital twin. We simulate how a device will react to different states and inputs of a replaced component.  Modeling a complete production line on digital twins, an organization can see the production increases or decreases based on various parameters.

Our next generation, digital twin technology enables applications with a holistic view along the automotive value chain and life cycle to standardize and automate business processes eliminating silos of legacy systems and companies. We are growing a robust technology ecosystem that will transform automotive brands worldwide by rapidly increasing their process efficiency and automation.

“The automotive industry has witnessed incredible transformation over the last decade. CarTwin represents the next chapter in its digital disruption. We’re leveraging artificial intelligence, industry expertise, and easy-to-use tools to provide the most complete Digital Twin technology blueprint available today," said Corey Thompson, CarTwin CEO. "More importantly, our solutions require little to no infrastructure improvements for our customers to experience significant competitive advantages. CarTwin reduces operational risk by predicting automotive and driver behavior and performance, while also carrying out efficient planning, forecasting, and automated decision making.”

CarTwin can integrate the full lifecycle of vehicle data into a collaborative environment for analysis and automation of predictive measures. OEMs, suppliers, dealers, fleets, and other industry players can unlock its value immediately to accelerate growth, reduce costs, and shape the future of their business.

By enabling seamless convergence of physical and virtual versions of product prototypes, shop floor, and actual vehicles on the road, our digital twin has the potential to address multiple challenges that exist in the automotive value chain today. Organizations that become early adopters of the ‘digital twin’ in the automotive industry will be able to unify design and performance under a single umbrella to reap superior gains and outperform the competition.